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Vendor: Aspire

Nautilus XS Coil (5Pcs)

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Aspire Nautilus Replacement Coils Summary

Aspire offers different replacement coils for the Nautilus X and Nautilus XS vape tanks. Here's a breakdown of the available options:

Nautilus X Replacement Coil (5 pcs/pack):

  • Resistance: 1.5 ohm (recommended wattage: 14-22W)
  • Material: Kanthal coils with U-Tech technology (flavor enhancement)
  • Style: Suitable for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping

Nautilus XS Mesh Coil (5 pcs/pack):

  • Resistance: 0.7 ohm (recommended wattage not specified)
  • Material: Mesh coil
  • Style: Designed for a slightly restricted direct-lung (DTL) vape (tighter draw than full DTL)

Additional Notes:

  • The text also mentions Aspire PockeX Atomizer Heads, which are compatible with Nautilus X U-Tech coils but intended for the PockeX AIO device (not included).
  • Packaging may vary.

When choosing a coil, consider your preferred vaping style:

  • MTL vape style: involves a tight draw similar to cigarettes, typically uses higher resistance coils (e.g., 1.5 ohm).
  • DTL vape style: involves a looser draw similar to a hookah, typically uses lower resistance coils (e.g., 0.7 ohm).

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