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Vendor: Allo

Allo 2500 Disposable

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Flavour: Banana Ice
Allo 2500 - VAPEPUB
Allo 2500 Disposable
  • Product Description

Allo 2500 Disposable Vape: Where Excellence Meets Elegance in Vaping

Elevate your vaping experience with the Allo 2500 Disposable Vape, a marvel of engineering designed for the discerning user who craves both sophistication and simplicity. With its impressive 2500 puffs, a powerful 1500mAh battery, and a substantial 10mL e-liquid capacity, the Allo 2500 redefines the benchmarks for disposable vape devices. Here’s a closer look at what sets it apart:

Unmatched Vaping Milestones:

  • Puff Capacity Beyond Compare: The Allo 2500 leads with an extraordinary 2500 puffs, ensuring long-lasting satisfaction and consistent performance.
  • Simplicity at Its Best: Engineered for convenience, this device eliminates the need for recharging, offering a ready-to-use experience straight out of the box.
  • Flavor Fidelity Unleashed: Thanks to the innovative mesh coil and smart chipset, every inhale delivers consistent, smooth, and rich flavors, defining a new standard for taste purity.
  • A Design That Defies Leaks: Experience vaping without interruptions. The Allo 2500's design is meticulously crafted to prevent leaks and spit-back, elevating your sessions to pure enjoyment.

Specifications That Speak Volumes:

  • Elegantly Engineered: The device's dimensions (23 x 113.5 mm) strike the perfect balance between ergonomic design and pocket-friendly portability.
  • Battery Life That Lasts: With a 1500mAh battery, the Allo 2500 ensures that you have the power you need, whenever you need it.
  • Generosity in Every Drop: The 10mL e-liquid capacity invites you to indulge in your favorite flavors longer, making each puff a lasting pleasure.
  • Inside the Box: Unveil the essence of hassle-free vaping with each Allo 2500 Disposable, ready for immediate enjoyment with no prep required.
  • Nicotine Satisfaction: Designed to satisfy, the 20mg/mL nicotine strength delivers a balanced and fulfilling vaping experience.

Discover What Sets Allo 2500 Apart:

Dive into a world where vaping is not just an action, but an experience to be savored. The Allo 2500 Disposable Vape transcends ordinary vaping devices with its superior performance, unparalleled flavor delivery, and unmatched convenience.

Embark on a Flavorful Journey with Allo 2500:

Step into the future of vaping with the Allo 2500, where every detail is crafted for your pleasure. This isn’t just another disposable vape; it’s your passport to a world of exquisite flavors and effortless enjoyment. Begin your journey today and see where it takes you.

  • Banana Ice: Creamy banana flavor with a refreshing icy blast.

  • Blackcurrant Lychee Berries: A tart and tangy blackcurrant flavor combined with sweet and floral lychee, along with a blend of other berries.

  • Blue Raspberry: Sweet and candy-like blue raspberry flavor.

  • Blue Raspberry Apple: A combination of sweet and candy-like blue raspberry with a tart and crisp apple.

  • Blue Raspberry Lemon: A tart and tangy blue raspberry candy flavor combined with the citrusy zip of lemon.

  • Blueberry Ice: A blend of sweet and tart blueberries with a refreshing icy blast.

  • Bold Tobacco: A strong and robust tobacco flavor, more intense than a "Classic Tobacco."

  • Froot Bears: A sweet and tart candy flavor resembling gummy bear candy.

  • Burst: This is a mystery flavor. "Burst" might suggest an intense or exploding fruity taste, but without more information, it's difficult to say for sure.

  • Classic Tobacco: A traditional and well-rounded tobacco flavor, likely a blend of different tobaccos for a balanced taste.

  • Frost : This is a mystery flavor. "Frost" might suggest a menthol or icy element, but it could also be a descriptor for a very cool flavor profile.

  • Fuji Apple Ice: A tart green apple flavor specific to Fuji apples, known for their crispness and balance of sweetness and tartness, with a refreshing icy blast.

  • Grape Ice: Sweet and juicy grape flavor with a refreshing icy blast.

  • Green Apple: A tart and crisp green apple flavor.

  • Juicy Mango: Sweet and tropical mango flavor.

  • Lemon Lime Cranberry: A citrusy blend of tart lemon and lime with tangy cranberry.

  • Lychee Ice: Sweet and floral lychee flavor with a refreshing icy blast.

  • Mango Peach Orange: A tropical explosion of sweet mango, juicy peach, and tangy orange.

  • Mixed Berries: A blend of various sweet and tart berries, could include strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry.

  • Orange Mango Guava: A tropical explosion of sweet orange, juicy mango, and tangy guava.

  • Peach: A sweet and juicy peach flavor.

  • Pineapple Citrus: A combination of sweet and tangy pineapple with other citrus fruits, like grapefruit or lemon.

  • Pineapple Ice: A sweet and tangy pineapple flavor with a refreshing icy blast.

  • Spearmint: A clean and invigorating mint flavor with a herbal touch (previously mentioned as "Spearmint").

  • Strawberry Banana: A blend of sweet strawberry and creamy banana flavors.

  • Strawberry Kiwi: A combination of sweet strawberry and tart kiwi.

  • Strawberry Orange: A delightful mix of sweet strawberry and tangy orange.

  • Watermelon Ice: Sweet and refreshing watermelon flavor with a cooling menthol sensation.

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