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Vendor: IVG

IVG 3000 Disposable

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$21.99 CAD
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$21.99 CAD
Size: 8 ML
Nicotine: 20 mg\ML
Flavor: Aloe Grape Ice
IVG 3000 Disposable
  • Product Description

Introducing IVG 3000: Revolutionize Your Vaping Experience

Welcome to the Future with IVG 3000 - Experience the zenith of vaping innovation with the IVG 3000, the world's first disposable vape that doesn’t just follow trends—it sets them. Featuring a pioneering hybrid airflow coil technology, the IVG 3000 merges the unparalleled taste of a mesh coil with the durability of a cotton coil, creating a vaping experience that is unmatched in flavor and longevity.

Award-Winning E-Liquid for Unforgettable Flavors - Each IVG 3000 is equipped with an 8ml tank filled with our award-winning e-liquid, guaranteeing you enjoy every one of the 3000 puffs it offers. Our flavors are crafted to perfection, ensuring a rich, satisfying vape that tantalizes your taste buds from the first draw to the last.

Engineered for Endurance and Enjoyment - Powering your vaping journey is a robust 1250mAh battery, meticulously designed to support your vaping needs without constant recharging. The IVG 3000 ensures that every puff is as perfect as the first, providing a consistently juicy vaping experience that lasts.

Why Choose IVG 3000?

  • Hybrid Airflow Coil Technology: A groundbreaking feature that combines the best of both mesh and cotton coils for an unparalleled vaping experience.
  • Extensive Puff Count: With 3000 puffs at your fingertips, the IVG 3000 offers extensive vaping pleasure without the need for frequent replacements.
  • Generous E-Liquid Capacity: The 8ml award-winning e-liquid tank provides a rich and long-lasting flavor experience.
  • Powerful Battery Life: The 1250mAh battery ensures your device stays powered longer, offering uninterrupted enjoyment.

Embrace the cutting-edge of vaping with the IVG 3000, where innovation meets satisfaction. Designed for discerning vapers who seek the very best, this device promises a revolution in your vaping lifestyle. Discover the ultimate in taste and technology with IVG 3000 – your new companion for an extraordinary vaping journey.

Flavour Profiles:

  • Chilled Blue Razz: A sweet and candy-like blue raspberry flavor with a refreshing icy blast.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: A refreshing mix of sweet strawberry and juicy watermelon.
  • Aloe Grape Ice: A unique combination of subtle aloe vera notes with a sweet grape flavor, finished with a cooling menthol aftertaste.
  • Blue Raspberry Lemon: A blend of sweet and candy-like blue raspberry flavor with tart lemon.
  • Cherry Red Classic: This flavor name likely refers to a traditional cherry flavor, possibly with a hint of sweetness. "Classic" doesn't necessarily indicate the presence of menthol.
  • Lychee Blackcurrant: A unique combination of sweet lychee and tart blackcurrant.
  • Mango Lychee: A delightful blend of sweet mango and juicy lychee.
  • Pink Lemonade: A sweet and tangy lemonade with a pink hue, possibly with a hint of strawberry or raspberry.
  • Punch: A blend of various mixed fruits and berries, offering a complex and refreshing experience.
  • Ruby Guava Ice: A sweet and tropical guava flavor with a smooth menthol exhale.

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