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Vendor: Fungara

Fungara Pods Synthetic 50 Pods

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Experience Ultimate Satisfaction with Fungara Pods Disposable Vaping Devices

Embrace Compact Convenience - Dive into the world of vaping with Fungara Pods, where elegance meets performance in our sleek disposable devices. Designed for the modern vaper, our devices are a symbol of sophistication and simplicity, offering a seamless vaping experience without the hassle of maintenance.

Advanced Nicotine Delivery for Unrivaled Smoothness - Fungara Pods redefine the standard for a satisfying vape with our state-of-the-art nicotine delivery system. Every inhale is a smooth journey, free from the annoyance of juice spit-backs, ensuring each puff is as enjoyable as the last. Our commitment to quality means you get the perfect blend of flavor and satisfaction with every draw.

Tropical Delight in Every Puff - With Fungara Pods, your taste buds are transported to a tropical paradise with every puff. Our pods come pre-filled with 6mL of rich, flavorful juice, promising a minimum of 3000 puffs. Whether you're a fan of exotic fruits, classic tobacco, or refreshing menthol, we've curated a collection of flavors to cater to every palate. Each pod is a gateway to 2-6 days of unparalleled vaping pleasure, depending on usage, making every moment a flavorful escapade.

Why Choose Fungara Pods?

  • Compact and Disposable: Our devices are the epitome of convenience, ready to use straight out of the box and easily disposed of once finished.
  • Smooth Nicotine Delivery: Engineered for satisfaction, our advanced system ensures a smooth, enjoyable vape with every inhale.
  • Rich Flavor Profiles: Indulge in a diverse selection of flavors, each designed to deliver a unique and delightful vaping experience.
  • Extended Puff Count: Enjoy up to 3000 puffs per device, providing days of consistent, high-quality vaping without the need for frequent replacements.

Step into a world where vaping is not just an action, but an experience. With Fungara Pods, discover a new horizon of flavor, convenience, and satisfaction. Join the Fungara family today and transform your vaping journey into a tropical delight that lasts.

Flavour profiles:

  • Strawberry Mango: A fresh burst of mango paired with ripe strawberry.
  • Cherry Lemonade Ice: A tart and tangy blend of cherry and lemonade, finished with a cooling menthol aftertaste.
  • Chilled Blue Razz: A sweet and candy-like blue raspberry flavor with a refreshing icy blast.
  • Fruit Punch Lemonade: A delightful mix of various fruit flavors like strawberry, raspberry, orange, or grape, combined with a tart lemonade base.
  • Pink Lemonade: A sweet and tangy lemonade with a pink hue, possibly with a hint of strawberry or raspberry.
  • Raspberry Pineapple Lemonade: A refreshing blend of sweet raspberry and tart pineapple, combined with a lemonade base.
  • Skittles Ice: This flavor likely refers to a candy-like mix of various fruit flavors found in Skittles candies, finished with a cooling menthol aftertaste.
  • Sour Patch: This flavor name suggests a sour candy mix, similar to Sour Patch Kids candies. It could be a combination of various sour fruits.
  • Strawberry Peach Lemonade: A refreshing blend of sweet strawberry and juicy peach, combined with a tart lemonade base.

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