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Vendor: NVZN

Atlantis NVZN 8K Disposable

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The NVZN Atlantis Disposable Vape, now prominently featured at Vape Pub, introduces a breakthrough in the disposable vape market, boasting an array of features designed to cater to both flavor aficionados and those who value convenience and portability. This device is set to redefine expectations with its long-lasting performance and exceptional taste profiles. Here’s a closer look at what makes the NVZN Atlantis a standout choice:


  • 8000 Puffs of Flavorful Bliss: Enjoy a marathon of vaping sessions with a staggering 8000 puffs per device, making frequent replacements a thing of the past.
  • Transparent Tank: The inclusion of a transparent tank eliminates the guesswork in monitoring e-liquid levels, adding a layer of convenience to your vaping experience.
  • Ultra-Compact Design: Its sleek and pocket-friendly design ensures that the NVZN Atlantis can accompany you wherever you go, making it an ideal travel companion.
  • Efficient E-Liquid Consumption: With a generous 13 mL e-liquid capacity, this device maximizes usage, allowing for extended enjoyment without the constant need for refills.
  • Tri-Color Battery Indicator: A smart, tri-color battery indicator keeps you informed about your device’s power status, ensuring you’re never caught off guard by a depleted battery.
  • Optimized Vaporization: The 1.0 ohm Mesh Coil is engineered for optimal vapor production and flavor delivery, promising a smooth and satisfying vape with every puff.
  • Multi-Colored Devices: Stand out with a device that matches your style, choosing from a variety of vibrant colors.
  • Incredibly Sweet Flavors: Savor the taste of meticulously crafted flavors, each designed to offer a unique and delightful vaping experience.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Designed to last, the NVZN Atlantis offers a reliable vaping journey from start to finish with its 8000 puff capacity.


  • Liquid Volume: 13 mL of premium e-liquid ensures a lasting vaping experience.
  • Coil Resistance: The 1.0 Ohm Mesh Coil enhances the flavor and vapor production, making every puff a joy.
  • Battery Capacity: A 500 mAh rechargeable battery supports the device’s extensive puff count, complemented by the convenience of USB charging.
Flavors Profile:
  • Banana Bunch: A sweet and creamy banana flavor, possibly with a hint of other tropical fruits.
  • Blue Razz Blast: A sweet and intense candy-like blue raspberry flavor.
  • Green Applelicious: A crisp and clean green apple flavor.
  • Grape Harvest: A sweet and juicy grape flavor, possibly with a hint of ripeness.
  • Hawaiian Pineapple: A sweet and tropical pineapple flavor.
  • Jungle Berries: A mix of various sweet and tart berries found in a tropical jungle.
  • Passionfruit Lime Bliss: A unique and tangy blend of sweet passionfruit and tart lime.
  • Spearmint Chill: A clean and refreshing spearmint flavor with a cooling menthol aftertaste.
  • Summer Mango: A sweet and juicy mango flavor, possibly with a hint of other tropical fruits reminiscent of summer.
  • Strawberry Watermelon Twist: A refreshing mix of sweet strawberry and juicy watermelon, possibly with a layered or swirled flavor profile.

Package Contents:

  • 1x NVZN Atlantis Disposable: Everything you need to start vaping is included in the box, ensuring you’re all set from the moment you open it.


  • Refreshing Twist: Each flavor profile is enhanced with traces of mint and/or menthol, providing a fresh and invigorating vaping experience.

Elevate your vaping experience with the NVZN Atlantis Disposable Vape, exclusively available at Vape Pub Store. With its superior puff count, diverse flavor selection, and user-centric design, this device is poised to become a favorite among vapers seeking quality and convenience. Head to Vape Pub today and discover the exceptional vaping journey that awaits with the NVZN Atlantis.

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