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Vendor: Fruitbae

Fruitbae Salt Nic 30ML

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$24.50 CAD
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Product Specifications:

  • Format: 30mL bottle
  • Nicotine Type: Salt Nicotine (specific strengths not mentioned due to regulations)
  • VG/PG Ratio: 50VG/50PG (ideal for MTL vaping and flavor delivery)
  • Manufacturer: Canada Vape Lab
  • Made in: Canada


  1. Banana (Experience the delightful blend of sweet bananas and a refreshing icy finish with FRUITBAE BANANA e-liquids. Simple yet incredibly delicious, this flavor promises a satisfying vape experience. Indulge in the sweet, cooling sensation of FRUITBAE BANANA, a top choice for vapers seeking a uniquely refreshing flavor.)
  2. Black Currant Raspberry (Juicy and sweet red raspberries add a vibrant layer of sweetness, perfectly complementing the tartness of the black currants, A refreshing touch of coolness on the exhale completes the invigorating flavor profile.)
  3. Mango Lychee: is a tantalizing flavor combination that blends the sweet, tropical essence of mango with the exotic, floral notes of lychee. This fusion creates a unique and refreshing taste profile that's popular in juices, e-liquids, and various culinary creations. Mango brings a juicy, rich sweetness that's perfectly complemented by the light, aromatic sweetness of lychee. Together, they offer a delightful taste experience that's both exotic and familiar, making it a favorite among those who appreciate fruity and tropical flavors. Whether you're enjoying it as a beverage, a dessert, or in a vaping product, Mango Lychee promises a burst of flavor that's sure to brighten your palate.

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