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Vendor: STLTH

STLTH Anodized Device

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Experience sleek design and user-friendly functionality with the STLTH Anodized 470mAh Battery. Perfect for vapers seeking a compact and efficient device, this model is renowned for its ease of use, durability, and consistent performance, making it a favorite among both new and experienced vapers.

STLTH Anodized 470mAh Battery Features:

  • Battery Capacity: With a 470mAh battery, it offers a balanced blend of size and power, ensuring a satisfactory vaping experience without frequent recharges.

  • Activation: The device is inhalation-activated, offering button-free operation that mimics the simplicity of smoking a traditional cigarette, ideal for those transitioning to vaping.

  • Size: Dimensions of 19.1 x 11.1 x 105.1mm make the STLTH device portable and discreet, easily fitting in a pocket or purse without compromising on battery life or liquid capacity.

  • Charging: USB-C charging port modernizes the charging process with faster and more reliable power replenishment compared to older micro-USB models.

  • Pod Capacity: A 2mL pod capacity provides a convenient balance between e-liquid volume and device size, suitable for daily use.

  • Coil Type: Pod-integrated coils simplify maintenance, as the coil is replaced along with the pod, ensuring optimal performance without manual coil changes.

  • Display: An LED light serves as an intuitive display, signaling battery life and usage status, contributing to the device's user-friendly interface.

  • Power Mode: Fixed power mode eliminates the need for adjustments, offering a consistent output that balances flavor production and vapor, tailored for optimal performance of pre-filled pods.

Why Choose the STLTH Anodized 470mAh Battery?

The STLTH Anodized Battery is designed for vapers who prioritize convenience, efficiency, and portability. Its inhalation activation and USB-C charging cater to users seeking an uncomplicated yet reliable vaping solution. The device's compact size, combined with sufficient e-liquid and battery capacity, ensures a satisfying vape experience throughout the day.

Moreover, the integrated pod and coil system simplifies the replacement process, making it a hassle-free option for busy individuals or those new to vaping. With its straightforward operation and fixed power mode, the STLTH Anodized 470mAh Battery stands out as a practical choice for anyone seeking a no-fuss vaping device that doesn’t sacrifice performance for simplicity.

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