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Vendor: Iced Up

Iced Up Fb 60ml

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$33.99 CAD
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Elevate your vaping journey with the exclusive "ICED UP" e-liquid from Vape Pub. Delve into a delightful fusion of sweetness and chill, where the invigorating flavor of sweet mint meets a cool icy note, crafting a vaping experience that's both fulfilling and refreshing.

Enjoy the nuanced minty notes, impeccably complemented by a crisp icy undertone. This expertly balanced blend ensures a vaping session that transcends the usual, marked by a brisk, refreshing exhale that keeps you energized all day long.

"Iced Up" is a dream for those who adore minty flavors or anyone in search of a revitalizing vape experience. Its 70% VG / 30% PG mix promises a smooth vape, with a perfect harmony of sweet mint and cool ice, ensuring every puff is profoundly enjoyable.

Don't let this chance slip by to indulge in the smooth, refreshing flavor of "ICED UP." Discover the captivating combination of mint and ice only at Vape Pub, where each inhalation is a step into a realm of pure satisfaction and invigoration.

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