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Vendor: Big100

Big 100 FB 100ml

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$40.99 CAD
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$40.99 CAD
  • Product Description

The provided text describes the BIG100 e-liquid brand, highlighting their key features:

  • Bold Flavors: BIG100 emphasizes strong and noticeable flavors in their e-liquids.
  • Big Format: BIG100 e-liquids come in large bottles (likely 100ml based on the brand name).
  • Variety: BIG100 offers a "colorful range" of flavors, suggesting a diverse selection.
  • Focus on Fruits: The description mentions "fruit explosions," implying a focus on fruity e-liquids, but may also include other flavor profiles.

Important Note: In Brampton, Ontario, the sale of vape products with flavours other than tobacco is prohibited. BIG100 e-liquids might not be available for purchase in your area due to this regulation

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